Will Kill for Food


Author: Scott Alumbaugh
Editor: Pam Jones
Artist: Jeannie Phan
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0692331651
ISBN-10: 0692331654


April 30, 1992: the day after a jury returned not guilty verdicts for four police officers in the beating of Rodney King. Protests in Los Angeles have spread into a city-wide riot. People are being killed. Korean-owned businesses, like Dean’s uncle Jun’s store, are being looted and burned. A gangbanger is using the cover of the riots to take over Koreatown businesses like Jun’s by any means necessary. For three days, Dean, Jun, and Ron, a homeless Gulf War veteran, hole up in Jun’s store and fight to stay alive in the center of the deadliest civil disturbance in U.S. history.


“In Will Kill for Food, we, the readers, are not spared a single moment to catch a breath between plans of attack and standoffs. Scott Alumbaugh chronicles the Los Angeles riots of 1992 in a corner of Koreatown, where an unlikely crew band together to defend property (in the form of a mini-mart) and integrity with deftness and clarity. In these characters, young Dean, hardened Uncle Jun, and veteran Ron, their grit is palpable. One comes away from this tale peering off into the smoky distance, as Jun does, stonily awaiting whatever may come.”


-Pam Jones, Editor

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