The Pit, and No Other Stories


Author: Jordan A. Rothacker
Editor: William M. Brandon III
Artist: Sam Pash
Pages: 132
ISBN-13: 978-0692472224
ISBN-10: 0692472223


As a micro-epic The Pit has a little of everything: small town American gothic, detective fiction, spy thriller, Hollywood drama, folklore, science fiction, historical fiction, surrealism, horror gore, punk romance, and satire of American capitalism and consumerism. The Pit, and No Other Stories, might be a familiar reading experience to that of viewing the ABC television program, Lost. Many characters, different story lines, obvious points of connection, some less obvious, and many fun, stage-setting red herrings. The Pit has deep important themes about the failings of the American dream, exploitation, and objectification of humans, but it also expresses a deep veneration for storytelling, narrative, and the triumph of the human spirit through art.


The Pit, and No Other Stories is a true a micro-epic: in just under 110 pages, Rothacker creates an entire world and its accompanying mythology. The scope of this collection of subtly interrelated meditations is massive both in its geographical reach and in its endeavor to tell a complete story spanning over four thousand years. Rothacker invokes a stark, realistic pall just beneath a light and expansive atmosphere of playful magic. The Pit, and No Other Stories brings together multiple styles, voices, and structures using lush sentences and themes delivered with a compelling economy.”


-William M. Brandon, Editor

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