The Frontman


Author: Jon Frechette
Editor: Kimberly Sadler
Artist: Mark Smith
Pages: 124
ISBN-13: 978-0615734965
ISBN-10: 0615734960


For Brooklyn musician Will Jarrett, the open road and sweaty clubs are the only home he’s ever known. But after his drummer gets pregnant and his long-time band breaks up, Will, now on the wrong side of thirty, struggles to define what matters more to him: the pursuit of an increasingly unlikely dream, or the family life he watches those around him embrace and which he recognizes the potential for with Leah, a realtor at loose ends about the path her own life has taken. After booking an opening slot for a rising New York band, Will takes one last shot at making it as he’s forced to reconcile what success means to him… and if there comes a time when dreams must end.


“Jon Frechette vividly depicts the life of Will Jarrett, an aging but aspiring Brooklyn musician, as he confronts the choice between his passion or the pursuit of family life. When Will connects with a woman who also questions what success and happiness means to her, he is forced to reconcile that one’s dreams can change with the passage of time. Through Will’s struggles with love, friendship, and his own ambitions, Frechette composes a moving and thought-provoking portrait of early adulthood that lingers long after the final page.”


–Kimberly Sadler, Editor

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