The Biggest Little Bird


Author: Pam Jones
Editor: Veronica Bane
Artist: Benjamin Mills
Pages: 148
ISBN-13: 978-0615932019
ISBN-10: 0615932010


In the summer of 1961 an innocent America eagerly anticipates the opening of a mysterious new theme park–the Ickack Pleasure Gardens. This park is rumored to be the dying wish of elusive tycoon Elijah Zallman Ickack: a desire for a place that can restore the joy and wonder of childhood written into his last will and testament. His great-nephew and heir, Freddy, must come forward to claim this fantastic, profitable, and improbable throne. Without Freddy, there can be no Ickack Gardens. But Freddy knows that there is more to this will, this park, and this man than the adoring public wants to think…


“In The Biggest Little Bird, Pam Jones’s industrious protagonist yearns to build a theme park that will bring glory and wonder into his life. With this premise, Jones plunges readers into the world of mystery and magic that is Ickack Pleasure Gardens. Jones’s distinct voice carries the reader into the dark underbelly of this theme park and its madcap characters. With wit and daring, Jones carries a story that will keep readers guessing as they dive into the heart of ambition and just how far people will go to realize their dreams.”


–Veronica Bane, Editor

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