Skinny Blue


Author: Nathan Pensky
Editor: Richard Gaffin
Artist: Noah MacMillan
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0692393673
ISBN-10: 0692393676


A modern noir tale in the spirit of Rian Johnson’s Brick, Skinny Blue tells the tale of Tim and Jesse Benson, brothers who find themselves caught up in a sordid tale of drugs, sex, and violence.  As the brothers investigate the disappearance of their friend Abby Burns, they discover that their suburban life hides more secrets than they bargained for.  Painted in the dark hues of David Lynch and Raymond Chandler, Skinny Blue plunges you into a world of lies and half-truths that will keep you guessing until the last page.


“Nathan Pensky’s Skinny Blue is a work of uncommon craftsmanship, told in the style of the great noir masters.  Pensky merges the familiar rhythms of modern life with the timeless tropes of 1940’s detective stories to create a story that will draw you in until its final revelation.  A poignant meditation on addiction and obsession, Skinny Blue is a old-school mystery story for the 21st century.”


-Richard Gaffin, Editor

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