Sing for Life: Tin Pan Alley


Author: Douglas Cowie
Editor: Lon Koontz
Artist: Tuna Bora
Pages: 124
ISBN-13: 978-0615884189
ISBN-10: 0615884180


Brian, once part of the successful rock duo Owen Noone and the Marauder, moves from Iowa to New York City to recapture an earlier moment in his life. He starts performing songs in bars under a pseudonym and achieves a small degree of success, but that success doesn’t seem to bring him the peace of mind he’s been looking for. A disastrous performance coincides with the arrival of a postcard from the long- missing Owen Noone, and Brian takes to the streets of Manhattan to try to decide who it is he really wants to be.


“In Sing for Life: Tin Pan Alley, Douglas Cowie drops us in the middle of New York City with a guitar slung over our shoulder. Populated with characters and history so rich it can make you feel incidental, Cowie’s protagonist, Brian, explores NYC’s musical milieus and quickly finds himself standing out from the crowd. As Brian’s popularity grows, so too does his confusion. Who is he? Why is here? The quest to discover who he is grows subtly more and more complicated until he breaks. Picking up the pieces, it turns out, is part of the journey and all the fun.”


–Lon Koontz, Editor

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