Author: Alex Sargeant
Editor: Ashley Heaton
Artist: Matthew Woodson
Pages: 152
ISBN-13: 978-­0615794082
ISBN-10: 0615794084


Ryan Singer sits on the edge of that terrible time in everyone’s life when they realize they’ve either already started their career or need to. Ryan tries his best to navigate this world where awkwardness, New Media, science fiction, love, drugs and intrigue all slam together with hilarious and tragic consequences.


“In a fresh take on both classic science fiction and iconic coming-of-age stories, Alex Sargeant introduces us to an aspiring sci-fi writer whose life parallels his fantastical tales. Sci-Fidelity takes the reader on a far-flung tour of the galaxy while remaining refreshingly relatable, balancing its whimsy with observational humor and poignant emotion that feels all too real. Throughout, Sargeant infuses his narrative with a sharp wit and an imagination as vivid as that of his narrator.”


–Ashley Heaton, Editor

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