Author: Shaunn Grulkowski
Editor: Zoe Zhang
Artist: Jeannie Phan
Pages: 220
ISBN-13: 978-0692331675
ISBN-10: 0692331670


Retcontinuum tells the story of Ray, a man who makes his living by participating in experimental trials. One day, Ray signs up for a study sponsored by the Sinclair Group involving the implantation of a device in the brain that allows the subject to make jumps in time. However, making these jumps begins to erode Ray’s memory, so although he has important information inside his faulty memories, he can’t access it. Of course, this doesn’t stop the Sinclair Group from coming after Ray in an attempt to prevent others from gaining access to evidence Sinclair desperately wants to be kept hidden.


“In the 22nd century, Ray Irvine makes his living as a time-travel guinea pig, but when the future reveals strange secrets about the past, Ray becomes an unexpected threat to an unknown plot, all while living on the brink of mental collapse. On every page, Retcontinuum plunges you deep into a world and future rooted uncannily in reality. With delectable, genuine characters and a witty sense of humor, Grulkowski tells a mind-bending story that uses time travel as a springboard for a dark and thrilling adventure.”


-Zoe Zhang, Editor

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