Renaissance Spook


Author: Jason L. Pyrz
Editor: Jennifer Eneriz
Artist: Noah MacMillan
Pages: 188
ISBN-13: 978-0692393680
ISBN-10: 0692393684


Renaissance Spook tells the story of a disgruntled ex-lawyer turned into a disgruntled ghost.  Zack, a family man and an unhappy attorney, is cursed with a long life of bad luck.  Even in the last moment of his life he finds himself plagued by the cruel and unusual—death by squirrels.  However, he ends up in neither heaven nor hell, but in an alternate world were directors and production assistants control the lives of humans for the amusement of a celestial audience.  Then, finding himself in the employ of the very being responsible for his comedic demise, Zack must decide between moving on or living as a ghost and puppeteer among humans.  Trouble brews when Zack discovers himself, and his family, at the center of a deadly cinematic plot twist between two feuding directors.  Only Zack can save his family.  The question is, can he break his streak of bad luck?


Renaissance Spook is simultaneously endearing, honest, and laugh out loud funny.  Forced to rethink their own worst days, readers will quickly find themselves rooting for the underdog as he scrambles to save his family through a series of unbelievable events.  Propelled by snappy dialogue and pop culture references, and based on events in Pyrz’s own life, Renaissance Spook is just as action packed and suspenseful, as it is authentic and full of insight.”


-Jennifer Eneriz, Editor

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