Palms Up


Author: Arianna Basco
Editor: Carmen Harbour
Artist: Marcos Chin
Pages: 112
ISBN-13: 978-0615846118
ISBN-10: 0615846114


Her days and nights were filled with inspiring concerts, glamorous photo shoots and red-carpet events. Hollywood was her life, until the unexpected happened. In nine months, ‘her’ future would be ‘their’ future.


“Before they just became ‘mom’ to us, all of our mothers were once distinct individuals, and Palms Up reminds us of this heartbreaking, hilarious and achingly painful reality. Basco’s novella is an honest, openhearted, non-linear documentation of pregnancy told by a narrator who manages to convey her family’s dark past, her tumultuous love affairs, and her ever-changing perspectives of motherhood through a series of letters. You feel like you know the narrator from the first page, and she becomes an old friend by the second.”


–Carmen Harbour, Editor

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