Love & Black Holes


Author: Khristian Mecom
Editor: Sarah Becker
Artist: Ryan Sanchez
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0692521892
ISBN-10: 0692521895


The formation of a black hole in Penelope’s living room leads her to the end of her relationship with her boyfriend, Oliver—an end which she may or may not have caused by pushing him into said black hole. But the black hole persists, even after she is long gone, and affects the lives of a lone astrophysicist who has lost his wife, a young woman who comes to the realization that she isn’t in love with her boyfriend, and a girl who has lost her entire family to an epidemic. Love & Black Holes explores the complicated nature of love and the lasting effects of love that ripple through the universe.


“Khristian Mecom’s powerful novella explores the ways in which love in its various forms has the potential to both destroy us and sustain us. From the moment Penelope pushes her boyfriend into the mysterious black hole, the novella takes the reader through the causes and effects of this instinctual action, and shows us moments of love (or lack thereof) that are both small and intimate as well as moments that exist on a grand scale—and how those small moments can become grand. Throughout the story of Penelope and Oliver and the vignettes of others who have been affected by this cosmic anomaly, Love & Black Holes is always raw and poignant, and will echo in the reader’s mind long after the book has been set down.”


-Sarah Becker, Editor

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