Last One to the Bridge


Author: Kathy Joy
Editor: Alyssa Jordan
Artist: David Moscati
Pages: 120
ISBN-13: 978-0-9979892-5-0


Exhilarating and otherworldly, Last One to the Bridge seamlessly blends sci-fi with thriller in this spectacular chase between a space refugee and a seemingly unstoppable threat.


Joy gives us our footing with the character of Reva, a woman who dreams in cryosleep and longs for her life on Earth. When she is abruptly yanked out of cryosleep, she awakens to a scene of true carnage. The first-person point of view and tightly controlled narrative make Reva’s fight for survival quite the harrowing thrill ride. Underneath its gilded, striking veneer, the story not only questions the choices we make on Earth, but what those choices might mean for future generations.

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