In The Desert


Author: Abbey Lenzie
Editor: Eliza Vasquez and Christina Ramos
Artist: Christian Dellavedova
Pages: 142
ISBN-13: 978-1-7328564-0-0


When Jael’s husband falls ill, there is little she can do to help him. In the post-apocalyptic desert, there are no medicines or treatments. So, after years of watching him suffer, Jael makes the hardest decision of her life. 


She strikes her first match. 


Jael leaves the smoke behind and flees into the desert with only one plan: to find a place where no memories haunt her. What she doesn’t plan for is Agi. An orphan on a journey of her own, Agi slowly forces her way through Jael’s walls, and the two begin traveling together. But the desert is a harsh place. And no matter how far she runs, Jael can’t escape the things she brings with her.



In The Desert by Abbey Lenzie was selected as The Plaza Literary Prize 2018 winner. The prize was judged by our 1888 team of readers and the 2018 Jury–Jonathan Alexander, Panio Gianopoulos, Namrata Poddar, Irena Praitis, and Héctor Tobar.

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