How to Succeed by Failing


Author: Jon-Barrett Ingels
Editor: Cheryl Wuo
Artist: Sam Pash
Pages: 136
ISBN-13: 978-0692472194
ISBN-10: 0692472193


Twenty-three year old JB finds himself in need of an upgrade in life now that he has been out of college for nine months and has found little success as an aspiring actor. Only to his surprise do the events of 9/11 ignite within him and his friends, Nick and Paulo, a sudden urge to flee Los Angeles, purge themselves of an uninspiring life, and create art — that is, an improvisational film involving each other, friends and family, and strangers they meet along the way as they venture up the Californian coast and into the Pacific Northwest. While completing the film remains their end goal, it seems more often than not they are sidetracked, resulting in an unexpected turn of events.


“In his memoir, Jon-Barrett Ingels invites the reader into a rather poignant, yet illuminating time in his life where memories of him as an unfulfilled twentysomething create an all too familiar state of nostalgia that Millennials will no doubt relate to. The three boys find themselves lost in identity as they struggle to live in the moment when visiting the old and new and reacquainting themselves with people of the past and present — creating a cloud of illusion as they attempt to complete their film.”


-Cheryl Wuo, Editor

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