Author: Scott Amstadt
Editor: William M. Brandon III
Artist: Sam Pash
Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 978-0692472231
ISBN-10: 0692472231


A wedding that wasn’t, a winter, and a lot of free time.  Chris is a broken romantic in the wake of an engagement that ends 30 days before the wedding.  Exiling himself to a one bedroom apartment in Chicago, he looks for purpose.  Hours searching for inspiration from his favorite television, music, and films leads to a series of brutally honest revelations.  Finding himself can’t be accomplished by breakdancing in his kitchen or bartering for attention of the opposite sex.  Chris embarks on a self deprecating journey as many things he’s not, hoping to find something of what he is.


Foster follows the spiraling path of a man who is suddenly forced to face his own delusions. Worse, he faces delusions of his own making. Amstadt brings an honest tone to a myopic character grasping at a notion of happiness that resembles his former, structured, and unhappy life. Amstadt is brutally succinct in his portrayal of a dark fear that is nearly as universal as falling in love itself. Amstadt pulls no punches as he explores the existential ennui of damaged expectations and time-spent—that now feels lost.”


-William M. Brandon, Editor


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