Dreams of an American Exile


Author: Eric Z. Weintraub
Editor: Kimberly Sadler
Artist: Ryan Sanchez
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0692521908
ISBN-10: 0692521909


On the brink of graduating college, undocumented 22-year-old Rose Quintero gets deported from Tucson, Az. to the volatile Mexican border town of Nogales. Dumped in a country she fled with her parents as a baby, she struggles to survive without a home and avoid the violence of the streets. As days turn to weeks, she searches for her deported parents and learns the only way back to the U.S. entails a deadly and illegal three-day hike through Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. With the threat of violence imminent and her situation hopeless, Rose must come to terms with the possibility that she may never see her home or family again.


“New author Eric Weintraub tackles today’s hot-button issue of illegal immigration without political agenda. Rose Quintero, a smart and accomplished young woman with big dreams, is taken from every comfort she has ever known and delivered unceremoniously into a foreign country. This well-researched story gives the reader a first-hand look at Nogales, the Mexican border town where deportees are sent, and the struggles Rose faces to keep herself safe while desperately trying to get back to the only home she has ever known—the U.S.”


-Kimberly Sadler, Editor

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