Author: Kate St. Clair
Editor: Ryan Gattis
Artist: Jonny Ruzzo
Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 978-0692345245
ISBN-10: 0692345248


Georgia Sayers is recovering after being attacked by Stola Mortem, the witch cult bent on revenge for the death of their leader, Faolan Sicario. Georgia has trapped what is left of Faolan’s soul in a powerful onyx stone, but struggles to prevent his soul’s escape. With Stola Mortem still after the family, can Georgia and Luke find a way to seal Faolan away forever, or will the witch Isolda exact her revenge before they run out of time?


“A storm is gathering in Cody, Texas. It has been months since the vengeful witch cult Stola Mortem nearly killed Georgia Sayers and her four siblings, and a return to normal life has been impossible. Not even her budding relationship with Luke can keep Georgia’s mind from one cold fact: her family has to wake up every morning and know the perpetrator of that crime, a particularly odious witch named Isolda, is still on the loose. They know she’ll never stop until she has stolen back the onyx where Faolan Sicario’s soul was sealed. For now, the gem is safe, but there’s a problem. It’s cracking. And there’s no telling what will happen if his soul gets out.”


-Ryan Gattis, Editor

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