Cherry Cherry


Author: Taryn Tilton
Editor: Julianne Berokoff and Hunter Moreno
Artist: Steve Niilo
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0-9979892-8-1


Thoughts of boys crowd the minds of Sophie’s friends, but she can only think of the way pink frosted lip gloss looks on Jen’s smile. Emotions tangle, and Sophie finds herself on the brink of youth and adulthood, stuck between the boy who is pursuing her and the young woman who makes her heart skip a beat. This summer is going to be different.


With exceptional purpose, 2017’s Plaza Literary Prize winner finds the careful line between childhood and adulthood, and artfully guides us alongside. In a story of love, infatuation, and friendship, Taryn Tilton’s colorful language and brutal honesty reaches to readers of all ages and reminds us that in teenagehood, gravity lives in every moment.



Cherry Cherry by Taryn Tilton was selected as The Plaza Literary Prize 2017 winner. The prize was judged by our 1888 team of readers and the 2017 Jury–Michael Dean Clark, Rachel Howzell Hall, R. Dean Johnson, Yi Shun Lai, and Krys Lee.

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