Author: Kevin Staniec
Edited by: Carmen Harbour
Cover by: Marcos Chin
Pages: 112
ISBN-13: 978-0615846125
ISBN-10: 0615846122


Casey likes to tell people he’s an idealist with an active imagination. Others would say he lacks motivation and is easily distracted. After a series of predictable failures Casey decides to write about the mistakes of his past to help change the story of his future. He sits at a coffeehouse with pens, paper, and a dictionary—all Casey needs is a little inspiration.


“Aspiration and inspiration collide in Staniec’s journal-like novella about taking first steps: into creativity, into adulthood, and into the unfamiliar. Narrator Casey can’t seem to get it right–recently broken up with, unemployed, and living back at home. Adrift in the sea of one’s mid-twenties, he decides to work out his relationships—both past and future—through writing until it all folds in on itself. Wading waist-deep through his perceptions and abstractions of events, can Casey get out of his head and out of his own way to start again?”


–Carmen Harbour, Editor

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