Avalon, Avalon


Author: Brett Arnold
Editor: Ashley Heaton
Artist: Tuna Bora
Pages: 112
ISBN-­13: 978-­0615901725
ISBN-­10: 0615901727


A year after graduating high school, three friends find themselves growing apart. In a moment of spontaneity, they decide to leave behind what so many have told them is the “real world,” and backpack across a small island off the coast of Southern California. Over the course of three days on Santa Catalina, they discover what it means to enter adulthood, the importance of home, and how woefully unprepared they are for their adventure. Avalon, Avalon is a story of the unexpected power of nature and time, and the deep importance of friendship to navigate through it all.


“In Avalon, Avalon, Brett Arnold takes us on a journey through mysterious Santa Catalina right along with his three young protagonists. The trek is a deeply symbolic one, filled with rich imagery and meaningful life lessons. Much like the path these boys navigate to the storied island town of Avalon, Arnold’s novella is filled with adventurous twists and quiet revelations that surprise at every turn.”


–Ashley Heaton, Editor

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