Another Name for Autumn


Author: Corrie Greathouse
Editor: Kimberly Sadler
Artist: Mark Smith
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-0615734767
ISBN-10: 0615734766


After three years of isolation, a woman opens a box she filled with the artifacts of memory, tucked far away and intended never to reopen, and discovers a Book of Dreams she has no recollection of having placed there. She begins reading the unfamiliar book and writes a letter to its author – a stranger, reconstructing her loss, longing and ultimately discovering her salvation; flashing between her childhood, love and changing seasons in New England, and isolated life in Los Angeles.


“I was immediately drawn into the world of the female narrator as she knows it – and more accurately – her world as she feels it. The letter reveals a woman who feels things very deeply and thinks them through carefully, resulting in an isolated type of existence. When she is happy, the world sings around her, the sun shines, the rain glistens like diamonds. When she is down, the sun is harsh and blinding, the rain attempts to drown her, and the world is seen in shades of grey. However, she is not all extremes. Most of all, she wants to find a kindred spirit in this world, and looks everywhere for reflections of her own feelings and herself.”


–Kimberly Sadler, Editor

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