Author: Chanda J. Grubbs
Editor: Jennifer Eneriz
Artist: Ryan Sanchez
Pages: 196
ISBN-13: 978-0692521885
ISBN-10: 0692521887


Chanda J. Grubbs’ debut novella, Albedo, is a book of mirrors. When Charlie, a young woman running from her past, meets Felix, an aged art dealer from San Francisco, she agrees to venture with him in search of the last great surrealist’s final painting. The journey takes them across southern France, through history, buried family secrets, and love. Written in Charlie’s startling vivid, lyrical voice, and refracted through Felix’s letters to his wife, Albedo explores the honesty in deception and how each of us are reflections of our most distant, hidden selves.


Albedo isn’t the kind of novella you simply read. This is a book you travel through. It’ll feel like a dream and it’ll feel as real as the pages in your hand. You won’t always know where you are or who you are, but “through the lens of some unadulterated telescope of art,” you’ll “piece together the world.” Masterfully written, this story captures the essence of poetry both in lyricism and self-reflection. Charlie’s fractured narrative leaves her vulnerable and raw, pinned to a past that’s been—up until now—impossible to escape. Only when Felix enters her life, with a secret and obsession of his own, does Charlie find a path through the pain. But the question remains, will she take it?”


-Jennifer Eneriz, Editor

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