116 Days* with Dad


Author: Cazzey Louis Cereghino
Editor: Lilliam Rivera
Artist: Noah MacMillan
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 978-0692393666
ISBN-10: 0692393668


116* Days With Dad is the story of Walter, a longhaired, vegetarian environmental law student who has spent years distancing himself from the small town in Alaska where he grew up and his ultra-conservative father.  When work brings him back home, Walter is forced to confront his resentments, and that leads to almost violent outcomes.  Will he look past his father’s gruff exterior and learn to accept the man that raised him or will he stay frozen in his own fears?  With Alaska’s wild exterior as the setting, 116* Days With Dad captures the turbulent relationship between family and how we navigate those trials.


“Writer Cazzey Cereghino takes the reader into the world of Alaska in his debut novel 116* Days With Dad, where run-ins with bears are an everyday occurrence and the life of the fishermen is long and hard.  But it’s the relationship between father and son where Cereghino truly draws in the universal with questions on whether we have a choice on how we love our family.  With tenderness and a great eye for detail, Cereghino introduces the reader to a world that few know while also depicting the vulnerable journey of reconciliation as a son and father try to meet halfway.”


-Lilliam Rivera, Editor

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