2019 Orange County Laureate

Salina Mendoza is the 2019 Orange County Laureate. Throughout the year, Salina will help us connect, educate, and partner with our community to provide our diverse neighborhoods with creative and cultural opportunities.

Meet Our 2019 Judges

Heritage Future welcomes our 2019 Orange County Laureate judges–Samantha Dunn, Patrick Fuery, Julia Reinhard Lupton, Stephen J. Mexal, and Richard Stein–an inspiring panel of art advocates, authors, and educators. Samantha Dunn is an editor at Coast Magazine. Her debut novel, Failing Paris, was a finalist for the

Laureate of Orange County

Incorporated in 1888, the City of Orange was founded on creativity. Money needed to beautify the towne square was raised through collaborative programs, festivals, and The Plaza: A Local Drama in Five Acts, which was written and performed by the community. One year later, Orange