245 – Jennifer Charlene, Briana King, Hilary Shanks and Victoria Taylor with Robert Brink

A special live podcast featuring four of skateboarding’s brightest trailblazers: Jennifer Charlene, Briana King, Hilary Shanks and Victoria Taylor—four young women who are the essence of skateboarding’s DIY ethos, redefining what it means to be a skateboarder, and changing the landscape for future generations of women in skateboarding. Moderated by Robert Brink.

This episode was recorded live on February 16 at the 1888 Center located in the Historic District of Old Towne Orange, CA.

While growing up in Southern California, Jennifer Charlene trained in ballet & modern dance. In middle school, skateboarding naturally caught her attention. After completing the Royal Academy of dance curriculum, skating soon became a lifestyle for Jennifer, which she now spends most of her time doing.

Briana King is a skateboarder, actress, and model born in East Los Angeles and has spent time working between Australia, LA, New York, and New Zealand, appearing in two feature films and a host of ads and editorials for the likes of Apple, Jordan brand, Converse, DKNY, Gap, I-D, Nike, Puma, Teen Vogue, Uniqlo, Vans, and more. Much of Briana’s work focuses on inspiring confidence in young women. She often organizes and hosts girls-only meet-ups on both coasts to provide a comfortable and judgment-free skating environment.

Hilary Shanks is a model and skateboarder from Missouri, living in Los Angeles. She loves traveling and connecting with other female skateboarders. Outside of skating she is pursuing a degree in business.

Victoria Taylor (Skatemosss), is a 22-year-old fashion major and skateboarder. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue her career in fashion and met all of her best friends through skating. She now runs her own business has designed and launched Grizzly Grip tape’s first ever woman’s line. Victoria plans to continue pursuing her love of fashion, have her own brand in the future, and travel the world to skate.

A skateboarder since the age of 12, Robert Brink began his career as a writer in 1999 while attending grad school in his native New Jersey, contributing to dozens of magazines and websites over the years, including Thrasher, ESPN and Playboy, Robert has also interviewed celebrities, worked as a food and travel writer and written for films. Robert is most known for hosting and co-producing the popular skateboarding talk show, Weekend Buzz, on Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel, He resides in Laguna Beach, writing and operating his candle brand, The Hundredth Acre.



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Producer: Heritage Future with Robert Brink
Host: Robert Brink
Guest: Jennifer Charlene, Briana King, Hilary Shanks and Victoria Taylor
Audio: Brew Sessions Live
Music composed and performed by Dan Reckard
Photo: Josh Friedberg