236 – Nachoem M. Wijnberg

A live recording of our educational podcast The Purpose of Past Tense with Nachoem M. Wijnberg.

Nachoem M. Wijnberg (Amsterdam, 1961) is a Dutch poet and novelist. His poetry has received many Dutch and Belgian awards, including the 2009 VSB Prize for the best book of poetry and the 2018 PC Hooft Prize, the most important literary career award in the Netherlands.

His poetry has been translated into many languages, ranging from Chinese to Italian, and published in a wide range of journals, anthologies and books. Books in English include Advance Payment (Anvil Press/Carcanet, 2013), Divan of Ghalib (White Pine Press, 2016) and Of Great Importance (Punctum, 2018 Link).

He is also a professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School.

This event is co-hosted by Tabula Poetica and the Office of the President of Chapman University; see more at www.chapman.edu/poetry.



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