223 – Trevor K Allred, Liz Harmer, and Shauna Barbosa with Michael Gravagno

Mike sits down with novelist Liz Harmer, poet and community organizer Trevor K Allred, and a poet Shauna Barbosa to hear the work from their individual projects and discuss the power of audience, politics, the meaning of portals, the meaning of water, the magic of astrology and why fake bluster is important (AND SO MUCH MORE)!

Trevor Kaiser Allred is a writer, arts advocate, and community builder. He has collaborated with many artists working as the Community Manager at 1888 and as a poet at The dA Center for the Arts. While earning his Master’s in creative writing and critical theory at Cal State Fullerton, he mentored numerous students and campaigned for foreign language learning. You can read about his work and latest projects at TrevKAllred.com or keep in touch on Twitter or Instagram.

Liz Harmer is a Canadian writer living in California. Her essays, stories, and reviews have been published widely. In 2014 she won a National Magazine Award for Personal Journalism, and was a finalist for the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. Her first novel, The Amateurs, is available in Canada.

Shauna Barbosa is the author of the poetry collection Cape Verdean Blues (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Southeast Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Boulevard, Poetry Society of America, PBS Newshour, Lit Hub, Lenny Letter, and others. She is a 2018 Disquiet International Luso-American fellow. Shauna received her MFA from Bennington College in Vermont and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Writers’ Block Live! is recorded at the 1888 Center in Orange, California.



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Producer and Host: Mike Gravagno
Producers: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Manager: Sarah Becker
Guests: Trevor K Allred, Liz Harmer, And Shauna Barbosa
Audio: Brew Sessions Live