2019 Orange County Laureate

Salina Mendoza is the 2019 Orange County Laureate. Throughout the year, Salina will help us connect, educate, and partner with our community to provide our diverse neighborhoods with creative and cultural opportunities.

Salina Mendoza is an artist whose work is associated with minimalism, hard-edge painting, and repetitive use of lines. Her work is inspired by emotions observed in the real world, brain vibrations, repetition, color, and mental health. She starts every piece without a destination in mind and upon completion, she writes a story about the feelings she felt while creating the piece or the emotions she felt from her environment.

We would like to thank our 2019 Orange County Laureate judges–Samantha Dunn, Patrick Fuery, Julia Reinhard Lupton, Stephen J. Mexal, and Richard Stein. And a special thank you to everyone in our community for nominating the neighbors who inspire you.



A laureate is someone awarded for outstanding creative or intellectual achievement. These individuals are celebrated for the way they inspire and for their contributions to the community.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to storytelling, we want to honor storytellers in our own backyard. The Orange County Laureate program celebrates community members who inspire us, through storytelling, community engagement, or education (art, literature, music, history, science, technology).