1888 Center

1888 Center, our first Placemaking Shoebox, is a bookstore, gallery, workshop and café serving Contra Coffee & Tea. This community keepsake is located in the Historic District of Old Towne Orange, California.

In our first year, 1888 Center welcomed more than 182+ daily visitors with online opportunities reaching over 1.2 million participants. View the complete details from our first year at heritagefuture.org/year-one or download the 1888 Center – Year One.pdf report. (5 MB)


115 North Orange Street,
Orange, California 92866


Mon–Sat 8am–8pm
Sun 9am–7pm

4,054 guests attended our onsite workshops and we produced the following community programs:


Gallery Exhibitions


Podcast Episodes


Educational Programs


Through storytelling, our Ready-To-Assemble concept is designed to synergize innovative efforts and provide essential tools for lifelong learning. View upcoming events at heritagefuture.org/events.


Creative + Cultural is an interdisciplinary podcast designed to provide a unique platform for industry innovators to share stories about creativity and culture at the intersection of art, literature, music, history, science, or technology.


Need a desk, office, conference room, or workshop? Our Placemaking Shoeboxes are designed as a creative accelerators with shared deskspace, private offices, and adaptable floor plans for events, meetings, and workshops.

We provide our partners with rates as low as $65 an hour and flexible plans designed to support your project and grow your business.

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